Friday, February 15, 2008

Keali'i Reichel: Kukahi

It's Kukahi weekend 2008. Keali'i Reichel's awesome concert series at
the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. This year the secret special
guests will be Weldon Kekauoha and Maui's own Napua Greig. It is
always a privilidge to emcee this event because I love working with
his crew. Joe Arias makes sure Keali'i's vision comes to life on
stage, everything goes according to split second timing. Interesting
story today kids. Picture this: 2007, Keali'i's on stage, his gold
record is here, it needs to be presented, Jack Johnson is not
available, who's going to do it. I waited patiently in the shadows,
hoping that somebody would realize that Alaka'i could do it. Finally,
they ask me, so I run, okay fast walk to my dressing room, which is
beautiful by the way, grab my brand new digital camera, which I don't
really know how to operate and walk on to the stage right after the
first half is complete. I call Keali'i back on to the stage and after
much frivolity, present his gold record for Kawaipunahele. I'm
thinking this is my opportune time to take the world's first picture
of Hawaii's third artist to receive a gold record. Snap. Flash. Check.
Oh no, it's in black and white. Snap. Flash.Check. It's still in black
and white. Oh No. What have I done.
So today I share with you the picture. It's the first picture taken of
Keali'i Reichel and his gold record. Okay, so it's in black and white,
so what. I know how to fix it now. I've learned from my mistakes. See
you at Kukahi 2008. Aloha til then.