Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Please help KPOA Ohana!

I have tried a few pen pal sites but no response.  Maybe it is just a dream, to find a friend who would know about the islands, and the places I would like to revisit in my mind.  I was hoping you might know someone around my age of 62, or older or younger,  it doesn't matter.


I had a wonderful friend, who I wrote to for a few years after my return to the mainland.  He lived on the Big Island and was one of my tour guides.  He died a few years later, but while he was in my life, it was a pleasure to know him.  He was in his 70's back then when I was in my 30's.


I loved Lahaina, and walking the shops on Front Street.  We swam in the Seven Pools, and toured the whole island.  What a beautiful place.  I took a lot of pictures with my little –then—Kodak Brownie Camera.  The pictures are faded, but the memories are fresh.  I wish I had bought postcards!!


Aloha--- Mary


If anyone is interested plese contact me at alakaipaleka@gmail.com.

Always with Aloha Alaka`i


We have been in touch with the app developer for the Droid and I expect that we will have KPOA available for download within 30 days.
Have a Happy 2011! Alaka`i