Friday, June 25, 2010

Morning Goddess - nominated for Kelly & Regis

The words of a loving listener.
You are #1 in my book.
Mahalo for the kind words.
With all my Aloha Alaka`i
Live with Kelly and Regis are holding a contest asking listeners to nominate their favorite women in radio personalities. They will fly the winner to NYC and will be a cohost for a day. Natrually, I have to nominate Alaka'i as she is my favorite. Just an fyi, below is the letter that I wrote:

Dear Kelly and Regis,

I have the best morning radio host nominee evah! Alaka'i is The Morning Goddess on KPOA in Maui from 6am to 10am. Proudly, I am her number one California fan (self proclaimed). I tune in every morning to listen to her show from work. She is the best radio host because:

1.       Alaka'i is a goddess (it even says so on the web site!)

2.       Alaka'i loves her job. She's darn perky! Never boring!!!

3.       Alaka'i loves her islands and wants to teach the Hawaiian ways to everyone. It's her inner Aloha that shines through every day.

4.       Alaka'i is always so happy. You can hear it in her voice every day. You can't help but to smile when you listen!

5.       Alaka'i is very funny. She finds humor in everything.

6.       Alaka'i is genuine. She speaks from her heart. She bonds the listeners or Ohana (family) together.

7.       Alaka'i is a teacher. Every day she has a trivia question that helps broaden your knowledge. Yesterday, I learned that a cow drinks up to one bathtub of water a day.

8.       Alaka'i is informative with news of what's really going on in Hawaii… did you know that Maui is having the first ever Spam Jam? Yes, on July 24th.

9.       Alaka'i is a beautiful spirit that must be shared.

10.   Alaka'i makes me smile every day. She keeps me laughing and connects me to the warm island Aloha spirit.


Now you know. Everyone needs a little Morning Goddess in their lives! But wait, there's more, if you choose the Morning Goddess, I'll provide the goddess tiaras for you to wear!



Aka:  #1CAAlaka'iFan




Alaka'I's Goddess page:


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peaks this Morning

What a lovely pix of this mountain.
Sad to say that the mountain is on fire.
It has been determined that the fire started with an unattended campfire.
God speed to the 800 firefighters on the job.
Also to the 1200 homes downwind of the fire.
From all your Maui Ohana at KPOA 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Na Hoku Hanohano Awards 2010 Red Carpet

Alaka`i Paleka & Cyril Pahinui

What an honor after 25years for KPOA and myself to have been invited to such a wonderful event. It was a very humbling moment and I would like to say MAHALO to each and everyone of you for making KPOA what we are today. With love and aloha, Alaka`i