Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sunrise on fresh snow!

The storm has passed more quickly than expected so we received less snow than the prediction.  That's fine with me - less shoveling to do.

A cloud band in the east this Christmas Eve morning coaxed me outside to record the possible spectacular sunrise.  Alas the sunrise did not materialize, but the Peaks were spectacular with the fresh blanket of snow.

Have a Merry Christmas and a great 2011!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fundraiser for Halau Kealaokamaile travel to Merrie Monarch

Halau Kealaokamaile selling 2011 Calendars with pictures of our winning Halau dancers, our Kumu, Miss Aloha Hula entries (Ora and Heno)
Fundraiser for Halau Kealaokamaile travel to Merrie Monarch
On sale now until we sell out
Cost: $10
Where to get them:  any haumana from Halau or call me at 281-6438

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fwd: Moohalo Meadow Gold

These cookies will go great with my Meadow Gold milk!



Mahalo to all of our KPOA ohana members for your generous gifts.
Merry Christmas from KPOA.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Wishes


Friday, December 3, 2010

The Year of Living Humorously

Aloha, My name is Erik, and since I lost everything in the economic downturn, I decided to go crazy. I'm on a mission to wear 365 different t-shirts next year, starting January 1, 2011, and you can be there with me! I am seeking sponsors to donate a t-shirt to the cause! Here's how I am approaching local and far away super cool organizations like yours to help: "I'm asking for t-shirt donations, size 3XL, with your company logo or design. I'm going to take a lot of pictures, some video, post blog articles about your company on the day I wear your t-shirt. I have thousands of twitter followers, hundreds of Facebook friends, bloggers, and a host of other social network outlets to blast posts about my daily activities. Here's the link to my blog article that mentioned the t-shirt project: you would like to get involved, please donate a shirt by mailing it to me here: Erik Blair 415 Dairy Road #E-228 Kahului, HI 96732 At the end of the year I'll be auctioning off all the t-shirts and all proceeds will go to a local Maui charity." That's it. I thought you might have a t-shirt to donate, or you might want to write an article about it, or mention it to your networks for me? (or all of the above :) I appreciate your help! Aloha and Much Mahalo! Erik Blair

Thursday, December 2, 2010


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: L. Alaka'i Paleka <>
Date: Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 7:59 AM
Subject: Fwd: MAHALO
To: KPOA Blogs <>

Aloha Once Again Alakai,
     Just wanted to forward the pictures of my closet form the Maui Closet Company contest. Below is a letter I sent them & the pictures. We are so thankful to KPOA for all of you, who care for your listeners, play the best music & provide so many great prizes! Still shocked that I won, but enjoy the reward!
                        God Bless you, 
Aloha to the gang @ "The Maui Closet Company",
       I know you will never forget the spookiest closet on Maui, I just hope you don't have nightmares over it! I am attaching the pictures of the new closet. I am so pleased and very grateful for the gift you gave us. The staff has treated us like we were paying customers. So professional, but of course with the Maui style we all love. Special thanks to Debbie, one of the sweetest gals I've ever met, with great vision for the designing of my closet. Billy & his keiki were here and he made sure I got my pot hanger, so awesome. I know that was a special, extra you gave me!! Aerial & Jeremy came & got the job done so quickly & left not a speck of dust behind! Fab job by all. I am so, so, so, so happy & thankful. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
                                        God Bless

kpoa935 sent you a video: ""A Silent Night" A Tribute to Wendell Warrington Performed by Reiko Fukino"

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kpoa935 has shared a video with you on YouTube:

Reiko Fukino
"A Silent Night"
Copyright Hawaiian Christian Music - Holly Kozub

"A Silent Night" A Tribute to Wendell Warrington Performed by Reiko Fukino

"A Silent Night" is a musical memoir composed by Wendell Warrington.
Wendell passed away in 2004, leaving behind a beautiful family; Kaea,
Kamalei, Keoni, Quincy, Natalie and his wife Holly Kozub. He was honoured
posthumously at the 2005 Na Hoku Hanohano Award's for his album
"A Few More Drops." The release garnered Religious Album of the Year, the
2005 Hawaiian Music Award - Inspirational Album of the Year, and the 2005
Independent Gospel Music Award - Musician of the Year.

Executive Producer - Holly Kozub
Producer - Reiko Fukino
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Joel Katz Seaside Recording
Graphic Design by Ian I. Nitta
Musical Arranger & Keyboard - Gene Argel
Lead Vocal - Reiko Fukino
Guitar - Joel Katz
Bas... more
© 2010 YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

Monday, November 29, 2010

KPOA Welcomes Baby Webmaster

KPOA WELCOMES BABY WEBMASTER...Daddy Alex wears many hats.
Big congratulatuons to DJ LX and DJ Lynn on the arrival of their son Cadence Alexander Ragonton born this morning weighing 8lbs and 22inches long, our 'ohana is truly blessed! Ohana Ragonton/Ohana Quiocho/Ohana Dapitan

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Found It

Aloha  KPOA,
This happens sometimes! I started looking at the OHA site and found
out how to listen to Na Oiwi Olino shows! Now I don't have to stay
home at 1PM on Sunday afternoons. Thanks for being there and
triggering my 'aumakua to help me out!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We Love KPOA

We are visiting from Calgary, AB Canada and looking forward to taking your station home with us on my I-phone.

Aloha and Mahalo for taking the time to let us know you appreciate KPOA. Please enjoy our island and the people. Travel safe and please take us home with you.
Always with Aloha,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am blessed to be a KPOA Ohana member, from the cultural revelations of Luana Kawa'a's Morning mana`o to Sista Val's Hawaiian Moon Calendar and most definitely knowing such an endearing personality that I can call my friend, the Morning Goddess for the past 26 years serving up the ono Hawaiian Music and Motivational MOOments-what else is there? I know- it's those games and contest that we get to play throughout the year-oh my God so good fun.  Thank you for the romantic "Kula Lavender" picnic experience that my hubby and I cannot stop raving about, the Mother's Day brunch at KBH the ladies of my ohana enjoyed with Melveen and the fun my dad and the men of this family had when Willie K hosted Father's Day. We enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast from Bernard's Bento's & Banquets and picked up the Marquesa prawns from Buzz's Wharf on the 4th of July, from Round Table Pizzas to the live remotes with Uncle Boy at 5A rent a space, spinning wheel for free stuff, and the chance to hit the jackpot in Vegas. Twenty six years worth of blessings have passed through my household directly from the KPOA airwaves and we continue to receive these blessings.  Mahalo KPOA.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aloha Alakai,

A big mahalo for the invitation to join you and the KPOA crew for dinner at the California Hotel with your contest winners. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and came away with a new found appreciation for what KPOA represents to the Maui community and to your listeners world wide. The sense of ohana and the spirit of aloha was so evident inside the Redwood that it simply defines why your listeners love KPOA and the folks who work there so very much. You folks are simply the best!
Again, thanks so much for including me in the dinner while in Vegas and I hope you, Val, Uncle Richard and the whole staff has a wonderful rest of the year! We'll see everyone in February on Maui!
Be well my friend.
Aloha a hui hou.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Duke Kahanamoku and Amelia Earhart

I just came across this neat picture of Duke with Amelia Earhart. It was recently found in the archives of the Matson Lines.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fwd: Crab Caught on Molokai

Just got an email from Melveen Leed,
Check out this crab......
Moloka'i da best and Texas has nothing over this one!  Yee ha!  Love, hugs and God's blessings from me, Melveen 

Friday, July 23, 2010

You are way too kind

Received via email from our KPOA online Ohana:
I don't know about you but I think this Poster should go "Hawai'ian Viral"
Reply from Alakai: I don't know about that, but Mahalo.  Aloha Friday.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Schultz Fire Update

Let me start with a couple of impressive pictures I have 'borrowed' from a friend of a friend:

Schultz Fire

Schultz Fire

I wish I could give proper photo credits for these amazing shots but I have not been able to learn the name of the photographer.  This is as bad as it gets, folks; but look closer.  Those dark shapes rising above the fire are the summits of the San Francisco Peaks; the fire is on the foothills in the foreground.  (The picture was shot from somewhere in the Doney Park area several days ago.)  In fact the Peaks have survived nearly intact!

The latest report is that 15,000 acres (about 23.5 square miles) have burned - the same number they have been reporting for a couple of days now - and the fire is 75% contained with full containment expected in about 3 days.  The effort has involved nearly 1000 firefighters working under a Type One Incident Team and a pair of Sikorsky Skycranes (huge helicopters) have been shuttling water to the Peaks for over a week.  Total cost is now said to be $8,000,000.  Some credit also goes to the more moderate than expected winds.

Let me take this opportunity to post two of my pictures from June 24:

Smoke from back fire
This is the massive smoke plume from an intentional back fire, which they started then to avoid the higher winds expected the following day.  It is good that they shared that with the media or we might have concluded that it was all over!

Back fire evening of June 24
Back fire June 24

This is the same slope I photographed on the previous evening and sent in my last update.  As you can see things got a lot hotter here!

Barring unforeseen happenings it is all over but the search for the person who started it.  I'm not worried; a friend who drove past the site when they were still there reports that there were several cars and trucks at that campsite.  That is too many people to keep a secret.  The Forest Service is offering a modest reward ($2500, I think) and a local brewery has offered free beer for life to sweeten the deal.

Our grateful thanks to all the firefighters who worked so hard to save the Peaks!

cheers, Rich

Friday, June 25, 2010

Morning Goddess - nominated for Kelly & Regis

The words of a loving listener.
You are #1 in my book.
Mahalo for the kind words.
With all my Aloha Alaka`i
Live with Kelly and Regis are holding a contest asking listeners to nominate their favorite women in radio personalities. They will fly the winner to NYC and will be a cohost for a day. Natrually, I have to nominate Alaka'i as she is my favorite. Just an fyi, below is the letter that I wrote:

Dear Kelly and Regis,

I have the best morning radio host nominee evah! Alaka'i is The Morning Goddess on KPOA in Maui from 6am to 10am. Proudly, I am her number one California fan (self proclaimed). I tune in every morning to listen to her show from work. She is the best radio host because:

1.       Alaka'i is a goddess (it even says so on the web site!)

2.       Alaka'i loves her job. She's darn perky! Never boring!!!

3.       Alaka'i loves her islands and wants to teach the Hawaiian ways to everyone. It's her inner Aloha that shines through every day.

4.       Alaka'i is always so happy. You can hear it in her voice every day. You can't help but to smile when you listen!

5.       Alaka'i is very funny. She finds humor in everything.

6.       Alaka'i is genuine. She speaks from her heart. She bonds the listeners or Ohana (family) together.

7.       Alaka'i is a teacher. Every day she has a trivia question that helps broaden your knowledge. Yesterday, I learned that a cow drinks up to one bathtub of water a day.

8.       Alaka'i is informative with news of what's really going on in Hawaii… did you know that Maui is having the first ever Spam Jam? Yes, on July 24th.

9.       Alaka'i is a beautiful spirit that must be shared.

10.   Alaka'i makes me smile every day. She keeps me laughing and connects me to the warm island Aloha spirit.


Now you know. Everyone needs a little Morning Goddess in their lives! But wait, there's more, if you choose the Morning Goddess, I'll provide the goddess tiaras for you to wear!



Aka:  #1CAAlaka'iFan




Alaka'I's Goddess page:


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peaks this Morning

What a lovely pix of this mountain.
Sad to say that the mountain is on fire.
It has been determined that the fire started with an unattended campfire.
God speed to the 800 firefighters on the job.
Also to the 1200 homes downwind of the fire.
From all your Maui Ohana at KPOA 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Na Hoku Hanohano Awards 2010 Red Carpet

Alaka`i Paleka & Cyril Pahinui

What an honor after 25years for KPOA and myself to have been invited to such a wonderful event. It was a very humbling moment and I would like to say MAHALO to each and everyone of you for making KPOA what we are today. With love and aloha, Alaka`i

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KPOA Ohana from San Antonio

Say Aloha to Mark & Terri
They brought me some goodies!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Alvin Kalaau
Who won the
"Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts, 33rd Annual Na Hoku Hanohano Awards"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dancne Kinau "U'i" Kama
Who graduated on May 15, 2010
from the University of the Pacific
With a BA in Communications
Kamaile Alohanamakana Kahuhu
Who will be graduating from
Maui High School
On May 22, 2010
I wish you both all the best in your futures.
I will always have you close to my heart.
Loving you always your Tita Chris

Relay for Life

Please support the Relay For Life Central & South Maui.
Sign up your team today or make a donation.
Please visit the link above for:
General Information

Raiatea and Keola

Special Maui Concert - 7:30 PM May 22, 2010 Maui Theater (Home Of 'Ulalena) in Lahaina, Hawaii.

Please join Raiatea and myself in concert for the world premier of our new CD, entitled, "Keola Beamer & Raiatea". This is going to be a great show, with several of my favorite way talented musicians flying in to join us. As some of you know, my wife, Moana and I live on Maui. Raiatea also has a home here, so we wanted to share the music from our new record with Maui friends and 'ohana. Tickets are available at our "state of the art", Maui Theatre by telephone at 877-688-4800.

The Real State Flower of Hawaii

Do you know the "real" Hawaii state flower is not the red hibiscus, which was an introduced plant? Here's the photo of the REAL Hawai'i state flower, Scientific Name: Hibiscus Brackenridgei. Big mahalo to Maui Nui Botanical Garden for making us more "akamai". Grandma learn something new everyday.
Maui Nui Botanical Gardens is located at Located at 150 Kanaloa Ave. across from the football stadium. Or visit them at: The mission of the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens is to foster appreciation and understanding of Maui Nui's plants and their role in Hawaiian cultural expression by providing a gathering place for discovery, education, and conservation.



Monday, May 17, 2010

On Air Request

Good Morning Alaka'i,
 I live in Oklahoma City and work 3 days a week for my wonderful son... we listen to KPOA in the office... it has become my "comfort food".  The music is wonderful...  YOU ARE A RIOT!!!   He has sung the "morning song" & "aloha friday song" to his kids for years, and now I find myself counting down until they play.  I even have my daughter in Idaho tuning in on Friday morning so my grandkids there can dance to "aloha friday" before my grandson goes off to kindergarden.
 Here is my request....  this Friday... May 21st, my son and family will fly from  OK to Idaho for a visit.  I told him I am going to request that give a birthday shout out to my daughter... who has a birthday today... May 17... she will certainly be overcome with joy !!  It's his job to get the computer up and on so she will hear it.  What he doesn't know... I would like to include him in the shout out too.. his birthday will be just a couple weeks later.... June 10. SOOO PLEEEEAASSEEE ALAKA'I...  would you please mention my keiki's... wishing them a very happy birthday from their Oklahoma Ma Kua ....    It will bless me so much to know that my babies and grandbabies are all dancing to "aloha friday" while I'm listening too.
Blessings to you and all the staff there.... you really are my "comfort food" for the ears...  (does that even make sense???)  LOL...  Donna Peck

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fwd: Picture of my family

Thank you and sounds GREAT!!!!!! My six year old Alyce was amazed that this came from accross the ocean.  I was born in Honolulu in 1966.  Soon as my twin Girls Ashley & Alicia Rose Grad in 2013 from Mehlville High School we are going to the Hawaiian Island for the there Graduation Gift from mom & dad.  Once again Thanks
Gary "Brit" Rose

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Central & South Maui

Relay 4 Life
"A World With More Birthdays"
Join Us at the Stadium
Starts Saturday, July 10, 2010 @ 6pm
Ends Sunday, July 11, 2010 @ 6am
We are looking for:
          - Teams
          - Sponsors
          - Survivors
          - Silent Auction Items
For more information you may call
          * American Cancer Society 244-5554
          * Rulan Waikiki (Chairperson) 281-3473
          * Nalani Perreira (Co Chair) 357-3700
          * Rita (Survivors Chair) 244-7258

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Congratulations Lady Lunas State Basketball Champions

Congrats to the Lady Lunas-STATE CHAMPIONS!  Here are photos for your keepsake...taken at airport
upon their arrival (Sat, 2/20 @9:30am) and their joyous ride in a limousine (surprise for the girls coordinated
by Aunty Noe and Uncle Tommy Akima with Coach Hano Ganer as driver...and thanks to Armijo Limo for the
kokua) back to Lahaina.
PS: We hope to have a 'RED LETTER DAY RALLY" in celebration of their State title, as well as boys varsity
basketball MIL championship (by two in closing seconds), and pending Wrestling MIL title.  For now I
am planning a lunch recess assembly (@12:30pm)  in the gym (the Band will be there too!) ... WE NEED

Monday, February 1, 2010

Eo Maui Grammy Winners

Los Angeles – Hana Hou for the Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Concert Series! At the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, their CD, Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Volume 2, received the Grammy Award for Best Hawaiian Music Album. The five compilation CDs produced by the renowned weekly Maui show have now been honored with five nominations and four Grammy Awards. Today, CD producers Paul Konwiser and Wayne Wong, producer/artists Daniel Ho and George Kahumoku, Jr., and artist Jeff Peterson came up on stage to accept the award in Los Angeles. They are deeply honored to receive this award again. The pre-televised awards were streamed live today on the site, and the presentation will be available for viewing for one month.

Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Volume 2is a compilation of live performances from weekly concerts (going on for seven years now) at the Napili Kai Beach Resort. Featured on the CD are master slack key artists George Kahumoku Jr., Dennis Kamakahi, Jeff Peterson, Owana Salazar, Sonny Lim, Keoki Kahumoku, Kawika Kahiapo, and Daniel Ho; with special guests falsetto legend, Richard Ho'opi'i, and lap steel great, Bobby Ingano. Also included are the young next-generation nephews and show regulars Peter DeAquino and Sterling Seaton.

On Friday, January 29th, prior to the awards, George Kahumoku, Jr. hosted an educational program with Los Angeles area high school students in the morning. Later that evening all of the Hawaiian Grammy nominees performed at the Grammy Museum.

From George Kahumoku Jr., to Maui Advertising Company from his IPhone on January 30th…

Yesterday was a full day of events. We had a special morning presentation with Leutzinger high school from the LA area at the Grammy Museum on Figuora St in downtown LA. Dean Pitchford, a 1968 St Louis HS grad shared a DVD video presentation that included songs he wrote the lyrics to, such as Footloose, Bambi, Lady & the Tramp & many many others. Then I came on with Daniel Ho and did my original song called Ho'okupu about Pele & Kamapua'a from our Grammy nominated CD Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Vol 2, and we had the whole roomful of high schoolers singing and grunting & making pig noises. We then did Aunty Edith Kanakaole's Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai (the Seaweed Limu) song which was danced by 19 year old Puanani Edgar, one of my hanai nieces from Ventura CA. Then Daniel Ho & I did a version of my mosquito song that brought the house down! Next up were Tia Carrere and Daniel Ho with Amy Stillwell, and they did 3 songs from their Grammy Nominated Album, He Nani! The event ended with everyone joining hands & singing Hawaii Aloha.

We then broke for lunch, waited in line with Beyonce's personal assistant for our Grammy tickets & then Paul Konwiser, Sandy Wales, and I had lunch at the Farm of Beverly Hills with Javier Cano who was the CEO heading the Grammy LA District's newest Ritz-Carlton skyscraper building project. Mr. Cano was the GM @ the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua where the Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Concert Series started over 7 years ago!

The evening event at the Grammy Museum featured all Four Hawaiian category Grammy nominees, myself, George Kahumoku, Jr & Daniel Ho, and Jeff Peterson performed from our Grammy Nominated Masters of Hawaiian Slack key Guitar Vol 2. Then Daniel Ho & Tia Carrere showcased their CD, He Nani. Manu Boyd and Glen Smith from Ho'okena performed as a Duet, and Amy Gilliom finished the night off with her brother Eric, & John Cruz, taking turns singing duets backed by her guitarists Chino Madera and Jeff Peterson. – George Kahumoku Jr