Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am blessed to be a KPOA Ohana member, from the cultural revelations of Luana Kawa'a's Morning mana`o to Sista Val's Hawaiian Moon Calendar and most definitely knowing such an endearing personality that I can call my friend, the Morning Goddess for the past 26 years serving up the ono Hawaiian Music and Motivational MOOments-what else is there? I know- it's those games and contest that we get to play throughout the year-oh my God so good fun.  Thank you for the romantic "Kula Lavender" picnic experience that my hubby and I cannot stop raving about, the Mother's Day brunch at KBH the ladies of my ohana enjoyed with Melveen and the fun my dad and the men of this family had when Willie K hosted Father's Day. We enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast from Bernard's Bento's & Banquets and picked up the Marquesa prawns from Buzz's Wharf on the 4th of July, from Round Table Pizzas to the live remotes with Uncle Boy at 5A rent a space, spinning wheel for free stuff, and the chance to hit the jackpot in Vegas. Twenty six years worth of blessings have passed through my household directly from the KPOA airwaves and we continue to receive these blessings.  Mahalo KPOA.

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