Monday, July 13, 2009

Lahaina Girls 2009 B Division State Champions

Busy weekend for the Lahaina Girls 14 & under softball team.  They went undefeated through out the tournament weekend playing against some tough teams.  The championship game was played against Na pa'ani  with a final score of Lahaina 7, Na pa'ani 0.

Team members are:

Shelby Uwekoolani

Kennedy Casco

Hali'i Vierra

Brena Nakamura

Amanda Murphy

Nia Pasikala

Lyla Talaroc-Kaniho

Tea Smith

Mehana Chang

Jina (pronounced Jenna) Miyamoto

Keku'u Haake

Jessica Wallace

Haley Nakamura

Kaua Arcangel

Taylor Niezman

Bridget Joy


Coaches: Cy Miyamoto, Ekolu Wallace, Joshua Wallace, Lei Nakamura & Nolle Smith

 BIG Mahalo to the girls and the coaches.  We are proud of YOU!





Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mahalo Mr. Lindsey, from a student

Mahalo Mr. Lindsey, from a former Student:

I thought I heard wrong yesterday and then I heard your morning news about Mr. Lindsey. Please send my aloha to his ohana and can you play the song that goes "e alu like mai ka kou, e na o'iwi o Hawaii na pua mai ole". I know that it's not a sad song or may not seem appropriate, but it's the song that he had us sing for our Na Mele O Maui Competition when we were in the 8th grade at Iao School in 1988 (21 years ago OMG!). I still remember that, but I don't know what place we came in! I have so many awesome memories of that year because of all the activities that he made possible for us!

Reminiscing my 8th grade year, again, in 1988. He took us to the Kaanapali Beach Hotel to put on Hawaiian displays for the tourists like Ti-leaf lei making, poi pounding, ukulele playing, flower lei & haku lei making, and simple hula lessons. We had so much fun, but the best was the bus ride there and back. That was when everybody found out that Billy Kekona & Rodney Keahi (aka Rod da Fiyah) could sing. I remember all of us on the bus hearing people singing and everybody got quiet. We looked in the back of the bus and there they were…Billy with his little ukulele, and for a moment, it was like….they forgot themselves and was just singing away & I know that everybody was thinking "WOW". And Mr. Lindsey sat in the front of the bus with a great big smile on his face like he just took a great big breath of fresh air.

And that's my memory of Mr. Lindsey! Thank you akua for blessing us with his knowledge and care!

From the Maui News: Edwin "Ed" Lindsey Jr., "a steadfast champion and leader in protecting Maui's aina and its important cultural landscapes," died Wednesday morning at his family residence in Lahaina. He was 70.

The Maui County Council honored Lindsey in May with a ceremonial resolution as a "beloved Maui treasure" who served in numerous roles, including kumu, kupuna, uncle, tutu, brother, dad and husband.

Auntie Patty Nishiyama of Na Kapuna O Maui, an organization of Hawaiian elders she actively participated in with Lindsey, described him as "a warrior, a strong warrior."

"He will be missed," Nishiyama said.

Lindsey was a founding member of Hui O Wa'a Kaulua, an organization with activities including the building of a sailing canoe, Mo'olele. He also was president of the Ohana Coalition, organizer of Kilakila O Haleakala, co-founder of the Maui Nui Marine Resources Council, member of Na Kupuna O Maui and a participant in the Kaanapali 2020 planning process.

Lindsey spearheaded ongoing native habitat restoration projects such as Malama Honokowai Valley, Malama Ukumehame and Malama Kaheawa-Hanaula.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Boy Kana'e

I don't know about you guys, but I think it's time for a Boy Kana'e Moment. I really missed him this past April Fool's Day. Those were his high holy days. He did everything from calling in sick from another island to blocking all parking spaces around our building. This year my April Fools was uneventful... too peaceful. I'd trade my peaceful day for another moment with him. Alakai

Friday, March 13, 2009

1st Pa'ina with Poki: Willie K

The premier of the new Hawaiian Music Series was awesome. The KPOA studios were flooded with phone inquiries..........It's raining, is it going to happen? Of course it is was our reply and it did happen. Let me explain that KPOA now lives in Kahului in Central Maui where it rains more.  It drizzled a little bit in Lahaina in the morning, but that was a Hawaiian blessing. Our west side Ohana knew better and showed up in droves.
WHO ELSE COULD DO THE PREMIERE EDITION, BUT.... our own Willie "Willie K" Kahaiali'i . He was the perfect Hawaiian Man, taking pictures with the keiki, being his excellent self, and don't get me started on his musical prowess. Mahalo nui loa....Willie K and ohana.
This exciting new Lahaina event is free and will be held on the second Thursday of the month from 11:00am-12:30pm on the Baldwin Home Museum lawn. Presented by Lahaina Restoration Foundation, the 10 month program will be hosted by Allen Pokipala "Braddah Poki" of Pacific Radio Group.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Mahalo nui loa e Alaka'i you Morning Goddess you,

I had a wonderful wonderful time at the Jake Shimabukuro show. First
time I see him in person, live on stage... I gave my two free tickets
to my grand-son and hanai son. I bought my ticket and chose to sit
upstairs on the MEZZ row B-24. of course never had room down there,
was all full up... OMG he was sososo good, especially his piano guy,
the drummer I fell in love with and the bass guy. What a team, even
the lighting guy who displayed the whole stage with such brilliant
colors according to the tunes of all those guys...ho even the sound
systems guy, What a show! ! I will always cherish.

I am so grateful with the couple who sat next to me. They clued me in
about Jake because they saw his shows before but first time they saw
his new team (piano, drummer, and bass)
They were awesome.

mahalo piha, I love you all KPOA Ohana!!!
kupuna from Halau Na Kupuna o Lokelani


I just had to say Mahalo Nui Loa for the free tickets to see Jake. It
was an amazing concert. He is awesome, awesome, awesome! And his
rendition of George Harrison's , While My Guitar Gently
Weeps........OMG! Jake is so humble, sweet, cute. I am looking
forward to purchasing his live cd available in April.

Again Mahalo Nui Loa!

Monday, January 19, 2009

WASHINGTON D.C.-Leokane Pryor of Hana, Maui seranade Barack Obama and family "Hawaiian Style"

Monday January 19, 2008

Traveling from Hana, Maui, one of the most remote towns of the United States, Leokane Pryor joined Washington DC's Aloha Boys Sunday night at a private event hosted by AOL founder Steve Case and his wife Jean in the exclusive Dupont Circle area of Washington DC where the President Elect's sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, her husband Conrad and schoolmates of Barack Obama were serenaded with traditional Hawaiian music by Leokane Pryor and The Aloha Boys of Washington, DC (Isaac Ho'opi'i, Irv Queja & Glen Hirabayashi).

The evening embodied the Aloha spirit of the Islands, providing a touchstone to where the President Elect spent his youth. The event, was attended by 200 guests and included many longtime friends and former classmates of the President Elect. It was a celebration of his tremendous victory, Hawaiian style. Leokane, also a graduate of Punahou, was three years behind The President Elect in school, but remembers "Barry" (as he was known then) as being "a nice guy that everyone liked, with a great smile".

Headlining the entertainment, Leokane and the Aloha boys provided traditional Hawaiian Music along with Hula dancing by Kikilia Fordham Schaefer and Rebecca Ramos (former schoolmates of the President-Elect) and fresh flower Lei shipped in from the islands. Leokane is one of the Mountain Apple Company's newest and brightest musicians. His recently released CD, Home Malanai, has been on Billboard Magazines World Chart and named one of the top five CDs of the year by the Honolulu Advertiser and Hawaii Magazine. Leokane was honored to be invited to perform at the event; "A couple days ago I was sitting on the beach in Hana and wondering if I would really be playing in Washington D.C., and now, here I am in the freezing cold and it really happened! it was a great honor to travel the 52 hairpin turns on the road from Hana, fly 6,000 miles to be a part of this historic event."

Leokane is hopeful that by sharing Hawaiian music during this momentous time in our nation's history, a new interest in Hawaii, its music and its beauty will spread through the country (and world). Michelle Obama is quoted as saying "to understand Barack, you need to understand Hawaii". Like Barack Obama, Leokane's childhood was influenced by the many ethnicities of Hawaii. This unique upbringing allows Leokane to be an ambassador not only for the State of Hawaii and its unique music, but also it's rich cultural values. He is a strong proponent of the environment, working toward preservation of Native Hawaiian plants and animals. Perhaps some of these are the values that Michelle Obama refers to.

Leokane will also be performing with the Aloha Boys at the Hawaii State Society Inaugural Ball this Tuesday, January 20th.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 1, 2009

Have you ever seen pictures of yourself as a child? Surrounded by your cousins? I have and it's usually my cousin Maile, second from the right and still claims I was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen..... or my cousin Linda holding me. I don't remember anybody pinching me and I remember them fondly. My other cousin, Linda Bernice Hoohieikananionapua Salvador Kahuhu passed many a little over 10 years ago. It's her birthday today, so some of the Paleka girls, and my son. the photographer got in the car and went to visit her and sing Happy Birthday. She was 11 years and 11 days older than me and being the second oldest cousin of 33 children took the concept of sharing very seriously. She would take the package of cookies or whatever we needed to share and carefully count out, one for you, one for you, and if there were any leftovers, she took a survey and divide, as best she could the rest evenly. While we were there we also paid tribute to the 13 other graves at the Makawao Veteran's Cemetary. Then we decided to go visit our baby time stomping grounds, Hookipa Park, Baldwin Park and Paia Town. Of course we had to stop by Kuau Mart and snack. They got the best hot dogs in town. If you have the time today or soon, remember those who aren't with us anymore. Say a silent thank you for the good times and lessons learned. Try to pass their goodness on to others.