Thursday, February 10, 2011

A funny "Hawaiian" story from Oregon.

Good morning my friend!


So, my son Jon and I were going to watch Hawaii 5-0 last night on DVR (It's one of our favorite shows) When I go out to our garage refrigerator and pick up 2 Hawaiian Sun "fruit Punch" flavored drinks. Of course, you can't really find Hawaiian Sun drinks here but when we were in Maui last June, I bought a 6 pack of my favorite which is the fruit punch flavor one.


Jon still has a "Orange Mango" can left from our trip as well and he shared with me something I didn't know… He said "Dad, thanks for the offer to drink one of your Hawaiian  Sun's, but I won't drink one till I have a ticket to Maui in my hand. I made that promise to myself when I got down to only 1 can left." I smiled and said… "okay son, I hope you go soon because I don't think the drinks inside those cans last a long time!"


He is so funny. I have 4 cans left of Fruit punch so I'll have another one in a month or so… but I had no idea he had the idea of waiting till he could go back!!


Hope your day is going terrific my friend!! You are SO SPECIAL!!! J


Larry J

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